Why not?

I’m sure everyone at some point in their life has heard and used the phrase, “why not?”. Presumably, you might wonder why is this the topic for this particular write up. “Why not” has been my phrase for 2017. To me, this phrase presents the idea that I am in charge of my present and my future. That anyone including myself is capable of accomplishing or experiencing anything the world has to offer. Anytime I’m asked to try something new, I reply with “why not” simply because there’s no reason to deny myself of an experience. “Why not” encompasses the notion that there is no restriction or plausible reasoning for why something can’t happen or be done. “Why not” you be the next President? “Why not” you be the next big entrepreneur? Why can’t it be you who’s traveling and sharing your traveling experiences with the rest of the world? The world is limitless  as long as you allow yourself to have the outlook of “why not” me who can make this dream become a reality? So what’s stopping you from making a difference?


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