Am I with the right one?

Do you ever come across a time in your relationship and ask yourself whether this person is the right one for you? Have you felt like maybe there’s someone better or that you haven’t found the “right” one?  Let me tell you. Every relationship goes through phases. From the “I can’t get enough of you” to the “ugh, just give me some space” stage. It’s not meant to be perfect. Falling in love is something that occurs but choosing to keep loving one another is another. Too often we’re quick to point out flaws and blame one another for our dis satisfactions. It’s common to look elsewhere outside of your relationship for the solution or to simply runaway from the problem. However, the key to succeeding is learning to love that person that you found. Now I’m not saying that this works for every relationship because some have gone past the point of no return. But, it takes work day in and day out from both sides. It takes time, effort, and energy to sustain that love. Being able to communicate and sustain that trust with one another is essential to a successful relationship. It’s also important to know what exactly needs to be done to make it work. Love is no mystery as we hold the keys to making it sustain or letting it crumble into pieces. Remember that God determines who walks into your life and provides you with tools to make it work. However, it’s up to you who decides who walks away, who stays, and who you fight for.


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